What Exactly is a Real Money No Deposit Bonus?

If you're new to online gaming, you might be seeing a lot of commercials and pop ups advertising a 'No Deposit Bonus' and we can tell you that you're definitely not alone if you're wondering, "what exactly are they?". Put simply, no deposit bonuses are a casino's way of giving you a free sample of their games. You'll get an opportunity to play games (and win real money) without actually having to put any money of your own down. As long as you find a good deal, you really are getting free money, and if lady luck is on your side you could even win big bucks from your free plays.

What Games can I Play with a No-Deposit Bonus?

You'll find in many cases that these offers are aimed at attracting interest to new games or types of game. For example, if a casino has launched a new slot machine, they may offer no deposit bonuses to drum up some buzz around it, but that deal might not apply to any other slots game. You should always think of bonuses as a great chance to try something new. There's zero risk to you as you're not playing with your own money, and hey, you might just find your new favorite casino game.

Surely there's a Trick or a Catch?

The short answer is no! Many people are, of course, skeptical when they are offered free money on the internet, and while we should all exercise caution when dealing with cash online, as long as you're playing on reputable sites, there is nothing to worry about. Other potential players might wonder exactly how a casino can make money at all if they're giving it away for free; well, in some cases, if you enjoy a game after your no deposit promo, you're probably going to come back and make a deposit to play more at that casino, in other cases, sponsors and advertisers have been known to subsidize these deals too. No matter how the deal came to be, you'll be playing with, and able to win real money. The closest thing to a catch (if you can really call it that) when it comes to no deposit bonus offers would probably be any applicable wagering requirements. A wagering requirement is a rule that casinos often enforce on free cash deals and usually involves playing a certain number of games before the bonus money can be withdrawn to your bank account.

Beware - Not all Real Money Deals are Created Equal

Before signing up to any bonus deal, always be sure to check the fine print (or even the not so fine print). The wording of the offer is all important, and there's a big difference between 'deposit match bonus', and 'no deposit bonus'. The former deal usually means you have to deposit your own real money into the site, and the casino will match your deposit to a set amount, while the latter is the risk-free deal we've discussed at length here, and are the ones you should be aiming for.

How do I Find No-Deposit Promos?

These offers are fairly straight forward to find, a simple search engine query will do the trick. The majority of offers are found when signing up to a new website, and are generally restricted to new customers, but it's also possible that a casino you're already a member of can send you deals via email, so it's always worth keeping an eye on your inbox for special loyalty deals (make sure to check your spam folder too, you wouldn't want to miss out on free money after all).